Zero Measurement

The “Zero Measurement” technique may be also known as initial assessment or starting point assessment.

The NAF Technique

The NAF technique is an idea selection method that aims at identifying, from a bunch of ideas, the one which is most New, Appealing and Feasible.


Storytelling is all about telling stories aimed to engage an audience, so we can also refer to it as narrative engagement techniques.


The storyboard is a technique that depicts an interaction between a person and a product (or multiple people and multiple products) in a narrative form.

Six Thinking Hats Technique

The six-hat thinking technique involves a manipulable discussion process by allowing the subject, case or situation to be viewed from different angles.

Serious Games

Serious Games are games whose main objective is not entertainment or fun, but learning something new by experiencing it in an enjoyable way or practicing a skill.

SCAMPER Technique

SCAMPER technique is a technique designed as a systematic brainstorming directed by using determined stages. It involves a creative process where everything new on a technical basis emerges from existing ones. 

Mind Mapping Technique

The mind mapping technique is a highly effective technique that is used to ensure the flow of information in the brain and to transfer information effectively.


Megatrends describe long-term trends. By that, they can be used to predict future scenarios and answer questions relevant to decison makers and future planners.